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Strategic Advice

Providing strategic advice is at the core of our work at Palsa & Pulk. If you are looking to improve your sustainability, biodiversity or climate resilience strategies, we would be happy to help you with this.

We are happy to work with your team to assess both the risks and opportunities in your operations and business model. We can also train your team to think more like social and impact entrepreneurs.


Our Expertise

Our experts at Palsa & Pulk are happy to work with your team to develop strategies to strengthen your sustainability, biodiversity, and climate practices. We can offer one-off advice in the form of a report or accompany your team for a long-term project.

Our sustainability & strategy consultant, Saskia Tykkyläinen has extensive experience working with young growth firms and entrepreneurs in accelerator and education programs. Saskia has crossed paths with over 1500 entrepreneurs. Her background in industrial design, combined with her client-focused approach, makes her a highly effective and solution-oriented strategist. Our founder, Christine Nikander has a background in social and impact entrepreneurship. She has founded three companies and started three non-profit initiatives since 2020.


Both Saskia and Christine thoroughly enjoy working at the nexus of business, sustainability, and social impact. They would therefore be delighted to get work with your team to increase your impact and scale up your business or organization. 

Recent Work

"Trase benefited hugely from Palsa & Pulk's pro bono advisory services. At a critical moment in our strategy development process, Christine and Saskia provided high quality, constructive guidance and feedback. With their support, we developed a sharper, bolder and more robust strategy that is fit for the future of our work in the sustainability sector."
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