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Support for Impact Entrepreneurs

At Palsa & Pulk, we love working together with social and impact entrepreneurs. If you are looking for training or support for your team and mission, feel free to reach out.

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Our Expertise

Our team at Palsa & Pulk has a broad skillset in environmental and social sustainability, regulatory compliance and business, as well as international development and governance. Our expertise ranges from biodiversity to sustainable design, from human rights to circularity, and from the energy transition to labor issues. Our team would be happy to work with you to develop strategies to strengthen your sustainability, biodiversity, and climate practices.

Working together with you and your team, our consultants are happy to help you assess what market risks and opportunities there are in regard to ESG and sustainability, and what ESG and sustainability means in practice in your sector and industry. We can also help you develop your business strategy and address your compliance questions. Depending on your needs and preferences, we can offer one-off advice in the form of a report or accompany your team for a long-term project.

Our sustainability & strategy consultant, Saskia Tykkyläinen has extensive experience working with young growth firms and entrepreneurs in accelerator and education programs. Over the course of her career, Saskia has crossed paths with over 1500 entrepreneurs. Our founder, Christine Nikander has a background in social and impact entrepreneurship. Christine has worked closely with several social and impact entrepreneurs. Since 2020, she has also founded three companies and started three non-profit initiatives of her own.


Both Saskia and Christine thoroughly enjoy working at the nexus of business, sustainability, and social impact. In line with this, they would be delighted to get work with your team to increase your impact and scale up your business or organization. 

Recent Work

Interested in how we can create a just transition?

Learn more in The Just Transition Newsletter, which is written monthly by our team.

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