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Grievance Mechanisms

Setting up an effective complaint process that employees, workers, communities, and civil society organizations can use if they have been negatively affected by business activities and operations in your supply chain is not easy.

At Palsa & Pulk, we can guide you in your process of designing and setting up a grievance mechanism in line with different regulatory requirements (such as the EU's Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive).

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Our Expertise

At Palsa & Pulk, we have experience dealing with a variety of business and human rights issues. We can therefore help you to set up an effective grievance mechanism for issues that may arise at different levels in your supply chains.

One of the core competences of our founder, Christine Nikander is helping companies navigate the complex regulatory and compliance obligations around ESG, corporate social responsibility, business and human rights, and the just transition. Several of our other team members also studied law and governance in university, and specifically focused on the fields of ESG, environment and climate, human rights and labor, and finance and corporate governance. Together, they happy to help you address your questions around grievance mechanisms and help you navigate what is required for your business or organization.

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