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Corporate policies

At Palsa & Pulk, we love supporting businesses and organizations in creating an impact. We can help you in setting up sustainability strategies and in navigating how to comply with EU laws and regulations on the environment, sustainability, and ESG. In line with this, we can also help you draft key policies tailored to your needs and mission.

Green Roofs

Our products

We can guide your path towards environmental and social sustainability. If you are looking to put into place policies and documents to comply with the CSRD, CSDDD, and/or the EU's Battery Regulation or to meet investors' expectations, we can assist you with this. Amongst others, we can draft or help you draft the following:

  1. Guiding principles

  2. relevant parts of the mission statement

  3. Language on standards

  4. currently being upheld

  5. ESG strategy for your website, B2B clients, and/or investors

  6. ESG or corporate social responsibility policy

  7. Business and human rights policy

  8. Code of Conduct

  9. Code of Ethics

  10. Guidelines or procedures for partners and third parties

  11. Language on social and environmental sustainability for materials catered to investors

  12. other documents needed to comply with expected/upcoming regulatory changes

Our Expertise

Our experts at Palsa & Pulk are well-equipped to help you draft your polices around environmental and social sustainability. We have a thorough understanding of how regulatory and market expectations are developing, and what you should focus on in our policies and key documents around sustainability.

One of the core competences of our founder, Christine Nikander is helping companies navigate the complex regulatory and compliance obligations around ESG, corporate social responsibility, circular economy, and the just transition. Several of our other team members also studied law and governance in university, and specifically focused on the fields of ESG, environment and climate, human rights and labor, and finance and corporate governance. Together, they happy to help you address your compliance questions and navigate what ESG compliance means in practice in your sector and industry.

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