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Our commitments

Our philosophy is simple.

We are here to create a positive impact on the environment and for its people. We put impact before profits, and we believe in consistently doing the right thing.

We were founded as a for-profit social enterprise. Our work is largely focused on sustainability and circular economy, but also includes social and labor topics. We believe that by working together, having respect for different perspectives, and by being practical and pragmatic, there are ample opportunities to build a better future.


Respect for diversity and the promotion of social mobility are at the core of our business. It is a part of our mission to make sure female, minority, and first-generation graduates and professionals are given a voice in our business — and more broadly in the ongoing environmental and social discourses.

What does it mean to work at Palsa & Pulk?

We are focused on creating a positive impact on the planet and its people. We make no exception to this when it comes to our employees and consultants.

Environmental sustainability

Respect for the planet is at the core of what we do. Our founder is an environmental lawyer by training, and our work is focused on sustainability and circular economy.

Social impact

We are a social enterprise. We do not believe in business as usual — we are here to innovate and think outside of the box. We put impact and long-term prosperity before profits. That is why we were founded and why we continue to operate.

Our key focuses are on the environment, human rights, equity and inclusion, as well as social mobility. We believe that respect is the single most important component when conducting business.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI)

Our founder became the first lawyer in the history of her family, and she founded Palsa & Pulk at under 30. As a female-founded social enterprise, it is at the core of our operations to foster diversity and to promote equity and inclusion.​

We believe that people can do their best work if they feel supported and welcome as they are. Our equity and inclusion efforts are focused on listening and learning, and not on prescribing. We believe social mobility is key to building a better future, and we actively welcome applications from women, members of minorities, and from first-generation university graduates.

Our founder was raised in an intercultural family, and she has spent the majority of her life living abroad. Respect for diversity is therefore at the heart of who we are. In line with this, we have a zero-tolerance policy for harassment, bullying, discrimination, and violence of any kind. We firmly believe that every person should feel physically and mentally safe at work at all times.

Career growth and learning

Our company focus is on ensuring a sustainable future for the planet and its people. In line with this, we believe that there should always be space to learn and grow. We believe that work and careers should be engaging and meaningful, and we try our best to provide our employees and consultants with precisely this experience.

We provide mentoring and training to all our employees and consultants. We put a particular focus on setting younger professionals up for success and making sure they learn the ropes of our business from day one.

Work-life balance

We believe a good work-life balance is essential for the health and wellbeing of our employees and consultants. Being well rested, having time for family and hobbies, and having the headspace to take on opportunities and challenges that present themselves outside of work are essential to the quality of the work we do. We believe we owe it to our clients, our families and friends, and to ourselves to maintain a healthy work-life balance. We therefore continuously put this objective at the core of our business.

Remote, hybrid and in-office work

Our headquarters are located in The Hague, Netherlands and we provide our employees and consultants with the opportunity to work in our office spaces if they so wish. As a general policy, we believe in giving our employees and consultants the freedom to work from wherever they want to. Working fully remote, hybrid, or from the office are all possibilities and we leave it up to our employees and consultants to choose the option that works best for them.

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