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Human Environmental Rights

There is an inevitable link between the environment and human rights — as well as business operations. At Palsa & Pulk, we think this link is not something to be overlooked or underestimated. We, therefore, offer our clients with advice on this nexus and its impacts on their business decisions.

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Our Expertise

Our experts at Palsa & Pulk are here to help you with any issues or questions you may have concerning human environmental rights. Whether you are planning a project that is likely to impact the environment and human rights, want to improve your policies in either or both areas, or just want to get a better understanding of what the market expectations regarding human environmental rights are, we can provide you with the assistance you are looking for.


Our founder, Christine Nikander, is specialized in human environmental rights. She is happy to personally guide you through potential issues, best practices, and the relevance of recent and upcoming developments in this field to your business operations.

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