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Snowy forest

Our Story

This is our story — and why we do what we do.

Palsa & Pulk B.V. is a young startup and for-profit social enterprise based in The Hague, Netherlands. We are a new type of consultancy that helps companies and organizations design responsible supply chains. We assist our clients, from across different sectors, in transitioning in an honest and transparent way. Throughout our work, we make a point of avoiding greenwashing and social washing.


We believe that leveraging diversity of thought has never been as important as it is now. We are young, creative, and diverse – and that allows us to think outside the box. By taking our signature innovative and hands-on approach, we work together with our clients to tackle the largest social and environmental challenges of our time.


We believe that by working together, having respect for different perspectives, and by being practical and pragmatic, there are ample opportunities to build a better future. Respect for diversity and the promotion of social mobility are at the core of our business. It is a part of our mission to make sure female, minority, and first-generation graduates and professionals are given a voice in our business — and more broadly in the ongoing environmental and social discourses.


Our name is a tribute to our Nordic heritage. There are only a handful of words in the English language that are of Finnish origin — palsa and pulk are two of these. We decided to name our company after frost heaves and sleds, because they are oddly emblematic of our values and goals.


Our company philosophy is simple. We are here to create a positive impact on the environment and for its people. We put impact and long-term prosperity before profits, and we believe in consistently doing the right thing. Our work is largely focused on the just transition, sustainability, and circular economy, but also includes social and labor topics. We work with our clients to design creative and high impact solutions to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues and thereby aim to provide our clients with a competitive advantage in a market increasingly driven by socially conscious consumption.

Our company was founded by Christine Nikander in 2022. Nikander studied international and EU law, environmental law, and human rights law. Palsa & Pulk was founded as a way to put that knowledge into the best practical use and to give other young professionals the opportunity to do the same with their own skillsets.

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