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Cultural Heritage

At Palsa & Pulk, we fully appreciate the intersection of human rights and environmental protection with the protection of cultural heritage. For us, the protection of cultural heritage is a pillar to sustainable development. That is also why we advise our clients on issues related to cultural heritage.

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Our Expertise

Our experts at Palsa & Pulk are well-equipped to help you with any questions or issues you may have when it comes to protecting cultural heritage. We can help you incorporate measures on the protection of cultural heritage into you corporate social responsibility (CSR) or environment, social, and governance (ESG) strategies.

Our founder, Christine Nikander and our biodiversity & forestry consultant, Heidrun Kordholste-Nikander have both conducted extensive research into the protection of Indigenous Peoples' rights and their cultural heritage. Christine has a background in intellectual property law, art law, and public international law. Heidrun has a background in North American Studies, natural history, and environmental change. Together, they can help you assess different measures to protect culture heritage in the context of projects in the energy, forestry and agriculture, and the cultural sector.

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