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Industry Guidance

Are you struggling to navigate the obligations placed on your sector or industry under voluntary frameworks or EU regulations? Supporting businesses and organizations navigate requirements around environment, sustainability and ESG is at the core of our work at Palsa & Pulk. In line with this, we can offer you specific guidance on how to assess risks and see opportunities in recent developments.

Green Ivy from the Roof

Our Expertise

At Palsa & Pulk, we can guide you through the expectations and requirements set on your industry and sector around environmental and social sustainability.

One of the core competences of our founder, Christine Nikander is helping companies navigate the complex regulatory and compliance obligations around ESG, corporate social responsibility, circular economy, and the just transition. Several of our other team members also studied law and governance in university, and specifically focused on the fields of ESG, environment and climate, human rights and labor, and finance and corporate governance. Together, they happy to help you address your compliance questions and navigate what ESG compliance means in practice in your sector and industry.

Interested in how we can create a just transition?

Learn more in The Just Transition Newsletter, which is written monthly by our team.

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