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We optimize your supply chain governance.

At Palsa & Pulk, we provide compliance, governance, policy, and strategic advice. We work together with our clients to tackle the largest social and environmental challenges of our time. Designing creative and high impact solutions to complex issues is what excites us the most about our work. The aim of our collaboration with our clients is two-fold. We aim to create a positive impact and to give our clients a competitive advantage on a market that is increasingly driven by socially conscious consumption.


Our work is mostly focused around the just transition, sustainability, circular economy, and human rights. We offer our clients a broad array of services around supply chain governance. Amongst others, we help with regulatory compliance and strategic planning. We assist our clients with their due diligence, auditing, and reporting. We also offer our clients consulting and advisory services, as well as the option to receive tailor-made training from our experts.

What do we do?

🌰 In a nutshell, we are a "supply chain governance consultancy".


💼 Now, let's unpack that.


Here are a few examples of the types of work we do:


1️⃣ Your company realizes it has labor and human rights abuses in its supply chains. You panic and are unsure what to do, until you decide to reach out to us. We then help you design mechanisms, policies, and contractual obligations to mitigate and remedy the problem.


2️⃣ You have been collecting huge amounts of ESG data, and seemingly reporting on everything possible! You then hear that your operations and transactions are nevertheless linked to biodiversity loss and questionable social sustainability practices. You again panic until you call us. We then proceed to help you navigate your qualitative ESG data and make sense of it. We pinpoint shortcomings in your current assessments and help you set up policies that actually address the root of the problem.


3️⃣ You are a startup or a scaleup in the batteries or climate tech space. You have heard that the EU has all sorts of new regulations, policies, and strategies in place (and in the making!) around critical raw materials, recycling, circularity, the green transition, batteries, EVs, and the list goes on... You start reading, analyzing, rethinking, mapping it all out — and a few days later, you realize you still have no clue what is actually going on and what it really means for the future of your company! You are also just done with all of the legal jargon and reading the definitions for all sorts of odd policy terminology. You decide to book a meeting with us, and we then walk you through it all in plain English (or one of the other languages we speak fluently), with all of the relevant information boiled down to short, straightforward, and digestible pieces.


4️⃣ You know you should be doing things around sustainability and ESG at your company, but you honestly have no clue where to start or how to proceed — and you are short on people too! You are in a real pickle or at least you think you might be soon. You decide it would be best to get some external help, but don't want to pay an arm and a leg for this. After a short initial call, our team puts all hands on deck and you feel confident in the future of your company again.


🖼 We could go on and on, but we are guessing you have a fairly clear picture in your head by now. If not, you can always reach out and ask if we might not be able to help you tackle your (unique) issue too.


💭 Think of us as a go-to place for all things environmental and social sustainability, just without the huge bill that a large consultancy would send you by the end.

​Need help complying with the CSDDD, CSRD,
or new EU Battery Regulation?

We can help you set up a sustainability strategy, carry out preliminary due diligence, identify adverse impacts, set up an action plan and a timeline to mitigate risks, draft key sustainability documents, put together “digital product passports”, create a monitoring & auditing system, establish a grievance mechanism, carry out monitoring & auditing, and so much more.

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