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At Palsa & Pulk, we believe that there is no livable future without biodiversity.

Our experts can help you integrate measures to protect biodiversity into your (forestry and agricultural) practices, operations, and supply chains. We are here to help you anticipate and be ahead of the market in terms of biodiversity. We can help you make science-based decisions that are practical, pragmatic, and effective.


Our Expertise

Our experts at Palsa & Pulk are well-equipped to help you with any questions or issues you may have when it comes to protecting biodiversity. We have a thorough understanding of how market and societal expectations around biodiversity are developing, and what you should focus on. We can help you to identify issues, to improve your practices, to develop your procurement policies, and to integrate your biodiversity due diligence and auditing into your operations.


Our biodiversity & forestry consultant, Heidrun Kordholste-Nikander studied forest management and environmental protection technology. Her core competences lay in implementing sustainability into forestry and agricultural practices. This includes advising clients on how to protect biodiversity. In the past, Heidrun has published a book on the near destruction of the bison and the grasslands of North America. She has also conducted research on the protection of other keystone species and their habitats.

Recent Work

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