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We set up governance measures for supply chains.

We create policies, mechanisms, guidance documents, and strategies to help you improve your environmental and social sustainability. Our team can design effective and transparent solutions to a variety of supply chain issues. We can also help you improve your company's policies and governance around sustainability.

Our products allow you to:​​

  1. Understand market expectations.

  2. Comply with applicable laws and regulations.

  3. Strengthen your sustainability strategy.

  4. Set up policies to support your mission.

  5. Optimize your supply chain governance.

​Need help complying with the CSDDD, CSRD,
or new EU Battery Regulation?

We can help you set up a sustainability strategy, carry out preliminary due diligence, identify adverse impacts, set up an action plan and a timeline to mitigate risks, draft key sustainability documents, put together “digital product passports”, create a monitoring & auditing system, establish a grievance mechanism, carry out monitoring & auditing, and so much more.

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