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At Palsa & Pulk, we believe that the decarbonization of all industries plays a key role in creating a livable future. We believe that decarbonization strategies can and should be implemented at all levels of the supply chain, and that offsetting should only be used as a complimentary strategy. We can guide you through ways to reduce the carbon footprint of your company or organizations, which take the broader environmental and social impact into account.


Our Expertise

Our experts at Palsa & Pulk are well-equipped to help you with questions or struggles you may have around decarbonization. We have a thorough understanding of how market expectations on carbon emissions and supply chains are developing, and what you should focus on. We can help you to identify issues, further develop your procurement policies, and improve your due diligence, auditing, and reporting.

Our founder, Christine Nikander has a background in international and EU climate law. Our biodiversity & forestry consultant, Heidrun Kordholste-Nikander studied environmental protection technology. Together, they can help you to find measures and to take steps to decarbonize your operations.

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