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Learning and teaching are at the core of our work at Palsa & Pulk. If you are looking for training for your employees or management committee, we are happy to provide this.

We can train your team to see both the risks and opportunities in recent environmental, social and governance (ESG) developments. Moreover, we can also train your team to think more like social entrepreneurs.

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Our Expertise

Our experts at Palsa & Pulk are happy to come in and offer you in-person training. We also offer the option of remote training. We can teach your team how social entrepreneurs think, what market risks and opportunities there are in regard to ESG, and what ESG means in practice in your sector and industry.


Our founder, Christine Nikander, regularly guest lectures and speaks as a panelist on human rights, environmental law, circular economy, corporate social responsibility (CSR), legal and business ethics, as well as ESG standards. She is happy to offer her expertise to your team through a tailor-made lecture or seminar series.

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