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Northern Lights


We are experts in environmental and social sustainability.

Our experts can help you optimize your compliance, governance, policy, and strategy. We are young, creative, and diverse – and that allows us to think outside the box. Our team has a broad skillset in environmental and social sustainability, regulatory compliance and business, as well as international development and governance. Our expertise ranges from biodiversity to sustainable design, from human rights to circularity, and from the energy transition to labor issues.


Within your supply chains, we can help you improve:

  1. Biodiversity protection

  2. human rights & labor conditions

  3. Circularity

  4. climate resilience

  5. decarbonization

​Need help complying with the CSDDD, CSRD,
or new EU Battery Regulation?

We can help you set up a sustainability strategy, carry out preliminary due diligence, identify adverse impacts, set up an action plan and a timeline to mitigate risks, draft key sustainability documents, put together “digital product passports”, create a monitoring & auditing system, establish a grievance mechanism, carry out monitoring & auditing, and so much more.

Interested in how we can create a just transition?

Learn more in The Just Transition Newsletter, which is written monthly by our team.

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