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Broken Trunk

Think Tanks

We believe that innovation, creativity, and thinking outside of the box are key to tackling the environmental and social issues of our time. 

We believe the environmental and social issues of our time can best be solved by fostering multidisciplinary thought. After all, navigating the world of ESG alone already requires a broad skillset — ranging from a knowledge of sustainability and biodiversity, to labor and human rights, over to finance and governance.

Within our company and beyond, we believe in leveraging diversity of thought to create meaningful impact and long-term prosperity. To foster the creation of new ideas and increase the rate of progress made in the environmental and social spaces, we will host think tanks for students and young professionals. The outcomes and takeaways of these think tanks will be made public, so their benefit can be used by all.


We will share more details about upcoming events and opportunities on our website and via our social media channels in due course.

Interested in how we can create a just transition?

Learn more in The Just Transition Newsletter, which is written monthly by our team.

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