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We are experts at leveraging diversity of thought to create long-lasting impact.

Palsa & Pulk is a new type of consultancy. By taking our signature innovative and hands-on approach, we work together with our clients to tackle the largest social and environmental challenges of our time.


We help companies across sectors transition in an honest and transparent way, and we make a point of avoiding greenwashing and social washing. We are specialized in designing creative and high impact solutions to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues. Our services are tailored to create a competitive advantage for our clients in a market increasingly driven by socially conscious consumption.

Focus Areas

Our company philosophy is simple. We are here to create a positive impact on the environment and for its people. We put impact and long-term prosperity before short-term profits, and we believe in consistently doing the right thing.


Our work is focused on the just transition, sustainability, and circular economy, as well as on social and labor topics. We work with our clients (across the EU and beyond) to design creative and high impact solutions to ESG issues — thereby aiming to provide our clients with a competitive advantage on the market.

Our work is rooted in the belief that there are ample opportunities to build a better future.

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