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Heidrun Kordholste-Nikander

Biodiversity & Forestry Consultant (Freelance)

Heidrun Kordholste-Nikander is a freelance biodiversity & forestry consultant at Palsa & Pulk. Her core competences lay in implementing sustainability into forestry and agricultural practices. She also advises clients on how to protect biodiversity.


Heidrun studied forest management and environmental protection technology. She also has a degree in North American Studies, in which she focused on natural history, Indigenous Peoples, and environmental change. Heidrun started her career by researching products used for prolonging the life of protected trees. She later dedicated much of her career to educating children and adults in the environmental sciences. She has also published a book on the near destruction of the bison and the grasslands of North America.


Through her work at Palsa & Pulk, Heidrun hopes to help companies make science-based sustainability decisions that are practical, pragmatic, and effective.


Languages: English, German, Finnish, French

Education: Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich (MSc, BSc), Technical University of Munich (PGD), University of Helsinki (M.A., B.A.)

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